Monday, 10 July 2017

Celebrity News: Pray for Christabel Ekeh.

I actually never wanted to talk about christabel ekehs nude photos for some reasons but it just okay if i spoke my mind on this because the way some of our female Ghanaian celebrities are continuously advertising and selling their bodies via social media, all in the name of releasing promotional photos is becoming too much.

Previously, she shared some disturbing bikini shots which caused her fans forcing her to delete all her pictures till the recent nude which remains the only image on her account now.
there are speculations that her account was hacked. But most in the media eventually concluded it was a publicity stunt.

There is actually no declare as truth what is making the popular Ghanaian actress behave in  this manner, and we can only hope it doesn’t get worst.  if  you ask me i suspect its a mental issue, and will like to ask her close associates to get involved to pray and seek medical help for her immediately.

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