Friday, 14 July 2017

GHANAIAN Actress christabel Ekeh shares more nude pictures,for her new brand.- Ginna Online

Ghanaian actress, Christable Ekeh has shared more nude photos of her and claimed "it’s my way of welcoming everyone to the new Christabel". reported Saturday, July 8, that the "Potomanto" actress had dropped a couple of nude photos on her Instagram and later shut her account down.

In the new development, the 26-year-old actress has created new Instagram account where she dropped more nude photos of herself,

When asked who this ‘new Christabel’ was, Christabel claimed “it is whoever you can imagine."

"That’s why I’m not wearing anything. So whatever you want to wear on me, that’s your imagination”.
Contrary to speculations that the actresses’ account had been compromised, the actress took responsibility for the act.

if Nigeria She explained that she also “unfollowed” everyone on her Instagram because she wanted to ‘follow’ God and not people.

These recent behaviours of the bubbly actress, coupled with her claim a few weeks ago to have fallen head over heels in love with a man who kidnapped her some months ago have caused the showbiz fraternity to question the actresses’ psychological state.

In answer to these speculations, Miss Ekeh said, "people are saying this, people are saying that; everybody has their opinion, their own imagination, but I’m fine and I give God all the glory".

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