Friday, 21 July 2017

Here’s Why Rashida Black Beauty Shouldn’t Be Criticised For Her Leaked Video.

This trend toward nakedness is bleeding into the real world, and we're not just talking about those nude scandals involving our favorite celebrities

 Fans of Rashida Black Beauty woke up to news of her naked video circulating on social media. We cannot tell whether the video was leaked by Rashida Black Beauty herself or someone she sent.

 Attempts to reach the manager of the young actress & viral video sensation for comments have been unsuccessful, She won the Viasat1 organised Jigwe Award for most popular viral video last year and that forced her to have an acting career of some sort.
This is what happens when you award a 16yrs old for creating a video to insult her boyfriend "malafaka", A media house decided to award a 16yrs for being abusive on a viral video,
With her naked video i hope i dont need to remind Ghanaians that nudity is a crime,i hope we all know what happened to wisa for showing his little penis?

We recently saw the absurd nude photos released by actress Christable Ekeh and we've seen majority link her action to insane disorders. Which for me i think It was an attempt to feel desirable, A rather unsuccessful attemp, Society had failed people like Rashida by reducing popularity and fame to nudity and indecency.

Moral development is a process that lasts throughout adolescence. Teenagers in particular, young teens, are not develop mentally and biologically able to exercise moral reasoning like an adult generally, teenagers will outgrow this type of behavior as they reach adulthood. Additionally, media influences, such as television and celebrity behavior can affect a teen’s behavior, particularly if they do not have strong role models.

But as we ghanaians concluded in Christabel Ekehs nude photos  i also think Only a qualified mental health professional or pediatrician can determine whether  Rashida Aka Malafaka also has a mental problem or needs spiritual help.

 We cannot post the contents of the leaked video here because it goes against our editorial policy of no pornography. if Nigeria

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