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Lifestyle: DO you think every celebrity needs a stylist?- Ginna Online

Empress Jamila and Akosuave

A fashion stylist is someone who selects clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures

Everyone knows that celebrities who slink down a red carpet have had their clothes, makeup, jewelry, handbag and hair vetted by a professional stylist. Stylists like akosua vee and Empress jamila have become famous enough.

Some celebrities take fashion serious more than fashion takes them most celebrities who make the best-dressed list owe big thanks to their celebrity stylists (individuals who can charge upwards of $1000 per day). It’s not that they don’t have any fashion sense. It’s just that premieres,red carpet events, and countless late night interviews leave most celebs too busy to piece together a wardrobe that’s all their style and always camera ready.

Getting dressed has always been the best part of my day. I love dispensing style advice on a daily basis, and I can usually take a two-second scan of an outfit and decide exactly what it needs added or removed to be perfect. And yet if I ever hit the A-list, you can bet your bum I wouldn't be dressing myself And do you want to know why? It's because people like me are sitting behind the protective comfort of their computer, firing off "oh no she didn't..." type tirades with every little misstep a celebrity makes, and I really, really don't want to be a Don't. I'd have a stylists  on speed dial faster.

Let’s just face it: Some people can shop ’til they drop, while for others, the mere mention of the word makes them cringe. Rather than spend your precious time doing something you dislike, you may just be better off making the investment in yourself by hiring someone who knows his stuff and will help you look your best in a short amount of time. You might want to keep your personal time for your family and friends

Stylists have relationships with stores, designers, and tailors, and always know where to go to get clothes that align with your body type, coloring, and professional brand/image. They also know where to get the best deals. A good stylist will shop from several different stores and designers to bring you a wardrobe that not only aligns with your needs and budget, but also seamlessly integrates into your existing wardrobe.
They will know which designers will work for your style and body type, and which ones to avoid, as well as which items are worth spending extra money on and which items you can save on. You will not only have a closet full of clothes that were hand picked for you, and fit you perfectly, but your stylist will show you how to pair everything together and will give you a style guide of outfit suggestions so you are never left.
Empress jamila (Celebrity Stylist)

Akosuavee  (Celebrity Stylist)

do you think celebrities are perfectly capable of dressing themselves? If you were a celeb, would you hire someone to help with your wardrobe decisions? Discuss!

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