Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Millen Magese Shares Stunning Photos Of Her Baby Bump In Style.

After years of battling & overcoming endometriosis- a gynaecological condition which cause severe pain and infertility, Millen Magese the Tanzanian model got pregnant in October 2016 after confirming that her IVF procedure was successful .

The model who revealed via her Instagram page that she welcomed her son on July 13 at a hospital in Columbia, New York with an emotional post has shared another stunning photos of her baby bump,

I have been following pregnant african celebrities for some time and i realise most of them only share their baby bump photos after they have given birth just recently we saw that of kafui danku the Ghanaian actress ...ahh well africans and superstitions lol

Millen Magese who is a world-renowned fashion model and humble humanitarian.and former Miss Tanzania
 This moment right here, I was super emotional here . I kept asking my team is this really my maternity shoot ??? Throughout my career no one ever helped to place my body a certain way . I listened to directions  and deliver the job . But this particular shot the whole team had to help 😂 getting me down , helped placing my legs , my back felt like it was breaking lol . I said to @oye_diran please take a picture first let me see my tummy first . I was super emotional. He asked is everything ok . I said let's shoot 💪🏽I realized things are different. HappyMom#DoWhateverIfeltlike #EveryPregnancyIsDifferentButSpecial thank you team @moshoodat @jycbeauty @oye_diran Thank you very much #ChangeYourStory💪 #PrinceKairo👑 #MiracleBaby #FindCure4Endo #ManyFacesOfEndo #kairosmommy #PrinceKairoAt39Weeks #MillenMagese⭐️💛👑 #YourOpinionWontMatterAtThisPoint

See photos below.

Photography: Oya_diran

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