Friday, 7 July 2017

Natural hair Lovers: The Health And Curls Natural Hair Health Beauty Expo 2017.

​Health and curls Natural hair beauty Expo comes up this july on the 15th at the Osu Presby hall, Health and curls  is an event organised yearly by Averys Naturals, a leading provider of hair, skin and health solutions in Ghana.

The Health and Curls event is organized for stakeholders in bio foods, beauty and Health sectors to share their ideas to the public.The event also opens an opportunity for young and seasoned entrepreneurs to showcase their products and advertise their services.

The Event also creates an awareness about proper hair care, skin products, healthy diets and lifestyles.This is orchestrated​ by the CEO of the Company  and a renowned dietician from Rd Sali_ nutrition to help people to be fit and healthy by providing dietary tips through WhatsApp monthly.

 Health and Curls is the first free event in Ghana with Hair care, healthy diet and skin care as its major thematic areas. Such an event would have been paid for. Right?
Amazingly​ health and curls is championed by a female doctor​ who has the interest of the youth in mind. With her profession, preaching the repercussions of unhealthy lifestyle is easy and accurate.

Reasons why you shouldn't miss this natural hair beauty expo is because its an avenue for meeting great personalities, bloggers and establishing quality cordial relationship through networking and socialization.

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