Thursday, 20 July 2017

What Ghanaians need to learn from Joseph Nyaaba's Viral sensational Burning Picture Of A Man In Batakari.

A friend sent me this sensational picture of a man in his batakari (smock top) reading a burning news paper with a stern face,honestly i couldn't understand the concept of the image even tho i found the picture to be really creative and stunning,

From what i saw in the image i ask what exactly is the concept of the image, why will a man dressed in a smock top be reading a burning news paper with a stern face?
I decided to search for the photographer who took the incredible picture on my IG and lo nd behold stumbled on his page and saw the image with a caption which reads...


A honourable African, reads daily about fallen standards of morality & respect in the traditional African society; watching his identity burn out slowly...but surely. What a lost identity!
The world knows we are a continent with morals, rich culture and traditions. Lets not loose this identity. Lets make Africa shine again. Let's make mama Africa proud.

This is a cold message to Ghanaians, There is no doubt that the society of Ghana has fallen over the last few decades in ethical and moral standard but lets make africa a better place and make Africa shine again.
Love it and respect the culture.

Photography: Joseph nyaaba photography
Model: Tajudeen Ussoupha Gurma
Light assistant: Don Jay Nsoh
Location: Bawku Central

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