Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Gloria Sarfo Inspires Young Women To Dress Decently in her #DecencyOverNudity Campaign- Ginna Online .

Today i actually thought to switch gears for a moment and talk about Fashion and decency
So i stumbled upon Gloria Osei Sarfo a Ghanaian Actress, TV presenter and voice over artist's instagram page and i must confess her fashion idea is very inspiring expecially when it comes to how decent she puts it together, she is prove that you can look decent and still be the hottest.

We are used to seeing some of our so called Ghanaian female celebrities in nudity and others steping out in eye-poppingly 'skimpy' garments but one woman isn't happy about it.

Gloria sarfo who recently wrote on her photo sharing platform:
"No matter the nature of your problems, don't mind the degree of your misfortune, don't lose hope, never submit yourself to frustration, depression or suppression because life is a mixture of sorrows and happiness.
Choose #Decency over #Nudity #DecencyOverNudity

Celebrities are widely loved personalities who should not only be held in repute in the public eye, but must also use their fame to influence society positively.That is exactly why they must be decent and exemplary to act as role models to the women who look up to them and wish they were like them or aspire to be like them.

In this  21st century were the fashion trend has being Low-cut blouses, with necklines so low that they expose the breast and its cleavage And so as you walk the streets, expect to see as many exposed breasts and cleavages as you wish, Many youths find themselves seduced by fashions and trends this days.

The situation gets worse during most red carpet  entertainment events where you see our celebrities dress to crucify. considering the “outlooks and inlooks” if there were a contest for who can show the most skin,i guess some female ghanaian celebrities i know would be winners…but unfortunately all these celebrities are winning is criticism. Sure their accounts might seem full but i ask how much is their self-respect worth?

So if you're not willing to go for  Something Decent but hot, gather some inspiration From Gloria Sarfo our fashion influencer of the Day,
Get The Look Below.

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