Monday, 18 September 2017

All You Need To See From The #DrawingwhileBlack Twitter Trend.

So its Monday morning and i woke up to this trending hashtag on twitter #DrawingwhileBlack and i was very excited to feed my eye to some  amazing works from various black artists, illustrators, painters, and graphic designers circulating around twitter with the hashtag #DrawingWhileBlack celebrating these amazing talents . This trend has been going on over the weekend , and  I couldn’t help but share some of the works that totally had me mind blown.

Just Like magic, The Hashtag on Twitter #DrawingwhileBlack has just made twitter more fun and has brought to light a countless number of Artist in Ghana displaying their works through this hashtag.

The art scene In Ghana is growing and becoming widely accepted in the country, unlike the past.

The hashtag attracted some already know artist and upcoming ones to creatively display their piece of art.

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