Thursday, 14 September 2017

Event Updates:FUEGO COMMUNICACIO Presents A night Of Fashion, Music and Dance  Dubbed… it’s a #FUEGOdistin.

Music, Dance and Fashion always cross paths and when they do, it’s usually epic. A night of Fashion, Music and Dance to support Health, Charity and the  Fashion industry brought to you by The FUEGO Foundation.

A team from Central America and exparts in Ghana –  labeled as FUEGO COMMUNICACIO presents a charity event dubbed… it’s a #FUEGOdistin.
The FUEGO Foundation was established to expand local access to health and facilitate health care delivery, FUEGO supports outreach to under-resourced communities through the establishment of permanent clinics and laboratories, the building of educational facilities, and travel scholarships for graduate students desirous of engaging in medical missions or public health projects.

The Gala-night  and Grand Opening is slated for Saturday, 29th September at Niuniu club in Tema community 8, beside Vienna city hotel.
Designers? Model? Photographer?

You are all invited to be part of this wonderful experience

Dress Code:
Best dress, white carpet

Heels and Sneakers  – it’s a #FEUGODistin

For registration and more enquiries pls call:
  026 439 6275/ 026 480 4906. 
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