Tuesday, 19 September 2017

No one has Proposed to us – Military women laments loneliness

A  group of Ghanaian military women has surfaced on social media, after expressing how serving their country cost them their  love life

According to Gossipmail.com, in a recent interview at Burma Camp, some women blamed their singleness on the timidity of some Ghanaian men, saying they (men) lack the courage to propose to them.

According to them, their statuses as military women plays a big part why they find it difficult to marry.

Few statement was quoted from One of the military women who spoke on condition of anonymity
When we took the hard decision to defend and serve mother Ghana we never anticipated that it was going to cost us an opportunity to find our life partners,”

Another woman added;

It has been more than 4yrs in the service and not a single man has made an attempt to approach me not to talk of proposing to me.

Apart from being a military woman, I am human too with needs.., how do you expect me to give out my best when those needs are not met?”

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