Thursday, 7 September 2017

Reinventing Tie and Dye – An Adekunle Gold Fashion story - Ginna Online

The Nigerian Afrocentric musician Adekunle Gold has fast become a household name,Adekunle whose first attempt into fame came on the heels of Sade, a song that heavily relied on One Direction’s 2013 Story Of My Life single.

Adekunle’s music is not the only thing about him that stands out – his style idea counts as well.In a time when Ankara was the main fabric that transcended the shores of Nigerian/African style, Adekunle boldly makes a case for Adire also known in Ghana as Tie and Dye.

Gone are the days when what we referred to as Afro-Inspired fashion was something only worn by the much older generation, The garments were often two piece items with a lot of fabric incorporated into each design. However with a new generation of many talented and young designers hailing from the motherland, the perception of Afro-inspired fashion has taken a whole new platform in the fashion industry.

 While flying the Nigerian flag, Adekunle shows off Adire also known in Ghana as Tie and Dye, infusing modern and western elements in creating his signature Afrocentric looks. Whether dressed in a formal suit, or adorned in the traditional Adire Kabba outfit, the Gold man, always looks dapper.

Following his split from the YBNL group, Adekunle Gold made sure to incorporate the Adire aesthetics into his 79th Element Squad. I think he deserves an award from the Fashion Industry for promoting African wear on both local and international platforms.
Scroll through this select pictures of him.

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