Thursday, 21 September 2017

Toke Makinwa Wore a $2,700 Gucci Silk Dress to the Forbes Best Of Africa Gala Night.

How do celebrities afford such expensive designer clothing? I mean not all of them are rich.They generally wear it once.

We all cant stop talking about Toke’s Makinwa’s $2,700 Gucci silk dress she wore while she hosted the Forbes best of Africa gala night.

So i ask a celebrity friend and she was like "The majority of celebrities have wardrobe stylists. These stylists receive free clothing from brands in return for the celebrity wearing them. The clothing company gets free publicity and the celebrity free clothes!

Let me give you an excellent example of how it works,

Kim Kardashian needs/wants swimwear her stylist reaches out to a company like Peixoto Swimwear:
The Peixoto rep then sends her the swimsuit for free in return for being able to use the pictures, and the advertising

In other cases the brands / companies selling products reach out directly to the stylist or PR firm of the celebrity and pay a fee as well as send the product they want promoted.

Depending on your level of Fame as a celebrity you are most likely being offered designer clothing all the time.

Please let’s just deal with this drama already, Toke has got one of the best stylist Remi Fagbohun in the industry who styles other renowned celebrities and for crying out loud styling Toke with a $27,00 dress shouldn’t cause much stress. she had her book signing alongside (money moves). So, it’s better to get used to her “baby girl lifestyle” already!

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