Saturday, 14 October 2017

Get The Look:The Best Fashionable Wedding of The year,Omoniyi and Amarachukwu #TheCasuals

Can i say this is one of the best weddings of the year in Nigeria! If you are a nigeria and dont know Omoniyi Makun then i think Yomi Casual Brand definitely should ring a bell!

 The much anticipated wedding which we have all been curious about has taken place. And There’s so much cuteness from the pictures trending all over Instagram like the VIP weddings. Grace deals in jewellery while Yomi, cloth designing and it only make much sense that the clothes need jewellery (pun intended).

As the latest wedding in town, the brother of renowned comedian- AY did not disappoint us with his squad! They came to represent him well. From well-tailored suits to cheering the groom to kiss the bride to their satisfaction and their poses, you could only wish you got an invite.

See the pictures below

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