Friday, 4 January 2019

Social media Influencer and Blogger, Kwao Lezzes-Tyt talks celebrity hairstyle in Ghana

Many celebrities feel like they can do no wrong, especially when it comes to experimenting with their look.

But it seems some people are really not happy with the the new switch of hair style of some Ghanaian celebrities. This drew our attention when Kwao Lezzes-Tyt, the Ghanaian social media influencer and a blogger over the weekend took to Instagram as he posted a picture of four of these celebrities with a very unfriendly caption

" Showing off new hairstyles have become a norm for most Ghanaian
Celebrities, this hairstyles will forever be the most memorably terrible celebrity  hairstyles for me"

Most people care about what celebrities do, their styles and their latest trends. Sometimes, the trends and styles that are presented by celebrities are suitable for us while there are other times weird and cannot be considered as appropriate styles for ordinary people. These weird styles include clothes, accessories and even hairstyles. Some of the strange hairstyles are worn by celebrities to attract the attention to them especially on formal occasions as the cameras can be found everywhere.

There are some people who consider these weird hairstyles as creative and attractive styles while there are others who find that these hairstyles are not suitable at all for being worn and they are just funny.

The only person that personally i think he should have rethought changing his new look is Dr cryme that hair colour doesnt really look good.
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