Saturday, 1 September 2018

VIRAL VIDEO: Janet Jackson's Collaboration With Award Winning Ghanaian Designer Aphia Sakyi Goes Viral

The late Micheal Jackson's Sister Janet Jackson took to social media sharing an exciting video with excellent look with costumes created by some of Africa’s best,The video has caused a lot of stir in Ghana for one main reason. In her video Titled ‘Made For Now’ she is seen wearing a necklace that many identified as a piece from Aphia Sakyi’s Chilly Rainy season collection. This raised a lot of speculations and suprise within Ghana’s fashion industry. The artist herself has been consistent with wearing some of the worlds most popular brands in her videos.

Aphia Sakyi is currently one of Africa’s leading accessory brand, The label has been in existence for quite a while but exploded onto the scene when it participated in the first ever Accra Fashion Week event in 2016 creating big statement necklaces and necklace dresses with queen like effects as seen on Janet Jackson. Ever since then, the brand has experienced consistent growth in it’s popularity around the world.

Her love for the designers work was expressed when she was spotted wearing the ‘Yaa Asantewaa’ Necklace from the designers latest collection ’50 Shades Of Print’ in her new social media video
The full 50 Shades Of Print collection is set to be launched at the Accra Fashion Week 2018 Summer Harmattan taking place from 3-7th October 2018.

See the viral video below,An eye opener to encourage people around the world that some of the best creatives are based here in Africa.

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