Wednesday, 9 January 2019

How To Increase Your Twitter Followers.

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Alright, everyone. Real talk – I love facebook but  it comes to social media? Twitter is my favorite. To be fair, it’s tied with Facebook  for the #1 spot but you get the point.

Twitter is an incredible platform, that way too many people overthink. It seems like this whole ‘nother planet and you feel a little like the odd one out at a party. And trying to gain followers?

Fear not, my friend. I’m here to help you.
My goal for the end of 2018 was to reach 15k Twitter followers and, in fact,surprisingly I met my target + 1k followers. If there's something I feel confident about, it's picking up Twitter followers. Of course it's not all about the numbers but, let's face it, we all get a little boost when somebody follows us lol.
Besides, the more people, Let’s look at how to increase Twitter followers!


Links + retweets mean nothing if people don’t know who you are or you seem like a spam account once people land on your profile. Add your picture (your face or a logo), fill out your website info and fill out your bio.

Think of your bio as your elevator pitch – short, to the point, and engaging. Give your brand feel and personality – do this by mixing personal with business. First, state what you do, what the audience gets from you. Second, give a little insight into who you are – beyond the business. Bonus points if it’s catchy or funny.


One of the best ways to gain new followers is for people to see you as a hub for information. Share information your followers will love, value, and use. This can come in the way of nuggets of knowledge like quotes or sharing links to content online. When sharing online content always use the 80 / 20 – 80% other’s content, 20% your own content  Or better yet, the 90 / 10 rule.


 There’s nothing that will increase your twitter followers quite like intentionally connecting with your audience. You NEED to connect with your audience and stop the promote, promote, promote. Talk to people, with people, not just @people.

The point of Twitter, and all social media, is to BE social, to connect with other people, get to know them! The good news? You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this! Log in three times a day (morning, afternoon, evening) and spend 10-15 minutes connecting with your tweeps! Retweet valuable information for your audience. See if anyone’s asked you a question or shared one of your posts – reply, thank. You might be surprised at the huge difference this makes!

It's called socialmedia for a reason lol". I won't do this (mainly because it's not actually very funny) but the point remains- if you want people to follow you, you need to follow other people. What I like to do is go through my favourite hashtags eg. (#bloggers #AfricanFollowTrain and follow anybody who catches my eye. Some of them will follow back. Some won't but don't be that person who follows and unfollows when it's not reciprocated. There are plenty of perfectly good reasons to unfollow someone, but this one's just annoying. 

Lastly be yourself. If you're not all sweetness and light, don't feel you have to pretend to be.Whoever you are, there are going to be people out there who completely love it.

Ultimately it comes down to three things: Be visible, be active and add value. You can't go wrong

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