Friday, 11 January 2019

Is wrong to negotiate bride price? Nigerian man laments over things his friend presented to his brides family.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. Most of us are familiar with these words from the good book even though they leave it at that and don’t tell us how and what it will take to find that good thing that is a wife.

Today, we find ourselves torn between tradition and civilisation. While some would like to move away from the ways of the past and forget practices like the payment of dowry when they seek to wed, others feel that it is necessary to retain some aspects of the gone days and honour their to be in-laws with a token of gratitude.

An unhappy Nigerian man called MC Emmydon has taken to his Facebook page to express his uttermost surprise after his friend was made to present items amounting to thousands of Naira for his bride’s wedding introduction.

According to him, the bride’s family demanded on the dowry list items including, sets of wrapper, bag of rice, bottles of wines, non-alcoholic drinks among others things.

MC Emmydon shared pictures of the items presented to the family on social media.

He also revealed the unthinkable event happened last Thursday in IMO state when he escorted his friend for his marriage introduction ceremony

Sadly, in today’s materialistic world, some parent view their daughters as a means of easing a financial crisis.

Some parents hold their daughters back from marriage because they are waiting for the highest bidder especially in Africa


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