Friday, 8 November 2019

Model, Jeyza Gary Explains Living with inherited condition called ’ichthyosis - Ginna Online

Being comfortable in your own skin can be uncertain regardless of what you look like. But it can be even more difficult if you didn’t grow up seeing people who look like you represented in modeling campaigns, in the media, or even on the street.

That’s what led Jeyza Gary to become a model, according to  as-told-to Refinery29 essay she was recently featured in. Gary speaks about her experience with a skin condition called lamellar ichthyosis. Lamellar ichthyosis is rare, affecting approximately one in every 100,000 people in the United States, per the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Growing up I had no idea I’d be as resilient as I am today. Shame, embarrassment and insecurities embraced me the way I wished my peers would. I never seen anyone like myself growing up.”⁣

”So, I decided to become an example without a guide. My skin encompasses the strength of all the pain ridicule provides. It’s something so beautiful, so unique and so authentic. I couldn’t ever imagine a life where I wasn’t myself, I’m glad I don’t have to. I’m grateful to be me." ⁣

Model, Jeyza Gary has a rare, inherited condition called ’ichthyosis’, a skin disorder characterised by dry, scaly or thickened skin. The disorder causes her skin to shed every two weeks. ⁣

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Two years ago, she decided to pursue a modeling career while completing her bachelor's degree in special education. Now, she's signed to a modeling agency, and has been featured in Vogue Italia. ⁣
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