Monday, 8 June 2020

How to run effective ads on Facebook and Instagram with Sista Ginna

Do you know that Facebook and Instagram are two of the most underpriced platform to run adverts? 
Facebook currently boasts of 3 billion active users and millions of people use Instagram daily.
How can you tap into this ?

Remember, wherever your potential customers or audience are, that is where you should be. 
And this is what Facebook and Instagram ads help you to do and at really affordable prices too.
Some people say ads dont work. But honestly, they do.

In order to run successful Facebook or instagram ads,you must first answer this questions: what do you want you Ads to do?
Do you want more followers? More engagement or more sales? No matter what your goal is, Facebook or Instagram has a marketing objective for you.

If you run an ad that doesnt give you your desired results, these three reasons could be the issues.

1. Target Your Audience
If you already have a decent number of page likes and you want to turn your followers into customers,you can select people already connected to your page as a target audience. This ensures that people you advertise to are familiar with your page and interested in your brand and what it has to offer.
Don’t target the wrong people else none of them will engage with your Ad. People will not buy or engage with what they don’t need.
Facebook and Instagram audience insights is a great tool to help you out. example, you want to advertise only to people in Ghana or 20years or older. You can set this up in your Ad setting.
If need be, you can make different ads for different segments of your audience. Just make sure your target audiences is quite large but specific.

2. No What To Say
Don’t sound like an Ad, People reject what they perceive as an attempt to persuade them.
People need to understand that it will benefit them when they click on your ad, This is why you shouldn’t use a wrong caption.
Some people think caption doesnt matter. But trust me, it does. Caption is the written words that accompany your pictures or videos . People actually read them. If they dont make sense, they will most probably stop at the first sentence not to talk of clicking your call to action to engage with your ad.

3. Use Eye Catching Images 

If your picture or video is wrong. No matter how great your targeting audience and caption is, if you use blurry pictures, less quality videos + no catchy video cover or thumbnail, no one will patronise or interact with your ads.

These are things we must note while running our ads.
Also, Know that the more you spend the more people will see your ads, a good budget recommendation is at least 3 dollar a day.
Follow this tips and you’ll be on your way to running a successful Instagram and Facebook Ad. 


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